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Construction companies do their business on the go.
Cloud accounting solutions

Information at your fingertips.

Know exactly what you owe and who owes you

Cloud accounting solutions give construction companies access to financials and updated banking information which they can access on the job making for for more informative on-the-spot business decisions. Going paperless gives construction companies the ability to access all their paperwork including receipts, contracts etc. on the go.

construction invoicing and payment solutions

Get paid faster.

Email invoices as soon as job is completed with convenient "Pay Now" option so your customers can pay you on the spot.

Change orders

With the ability to invoice for change orders and get paid on the spot for increases to the original estimate, gives you the cash flow available to make the required changes quicker and get back on track.

construction invoicing solutions

Progress billing.

By creating estimates you can easily create progress invoices so that your customer get's invoiced at each stage of the job from initial deposit to final invoice for job completion. Great solution for increasing company cash flow instead of financing jobs to completion.

construction online accounting solutions

Job costing.

See profits and losses by project by organizing income, expenses, materials and labor costs by project. Helps identify areas to improve on for future projects.

construction payment solutions

Pay bills on-time.

Direct Payments & Automatic Payments

Automation of regular bill payments to ensure bills are always paid in full and on-time. Pay remittances and suppliers invoices online directly as soon as they come in. Never be late on a payment again.

construction cloud payroll solutions

More efficient payroll.

Helping Individuals

  • Track time for each job
  • Pay employees and contractors through direct deposit
  • Automated payroll remitting and payments
  • Electronic Record of Employments
  • Year-End T4's and T5018's
  • Online access to paystubs
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Supporting the Construction Industry.

Self-employed, Partnerships & Corporations

  • Tradespeople
  • Residential Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Home Renovators
  • Home Builders
  • Commercial Contractors
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What we believe in
Construction companies can operate much more efficiently when they have access to their information when they need it.
Give your business the competitive edge it deserves.
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